We are a team that consist of experts in their respective fields who work together in multi-disciplinary teams to ensure a high-quality delivery.

No matter where you come from, our doors are always open for new additions to our teams. Rewrite your story today, together with Scient Group!

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A innovative culture
We encourage our employees to express their ideas and to make suggestions. Our workplace is a breeding ground for innovation, and everyone has something useful in their luggage. We belive in dedicated, courageous and humble people!
Job security & trust
When you work for Scient Group you can feel serenity. We offer good job securities through collective agreements, insurances, pension plans, wellness allowance, copetative salaries and the freedom you need to perform your tasks in the best way we see fit.
Diversity & Inclusion
As we mentioned before; no matter where you come from, you are welcome. And this is something that is ingraved in our core. From start, Scient Group has built it’s company with people from different parts of the world, cultures and experiences. It’s no secret that women and several minority groups are underrepresented in the business world. But did you know that at Scient Group, women represent over 30% of our company. And more than 40% of our management positions right now.
Room to grow
At every recruitment we do, we always see to the specific person. We don’t believe in placing people in boxes. Instead we encourage curiosity and creativity and want to foster learning and development within your own goals and desires.